Acer, Lenovo, Dell, Asus … … the face of the impact of Apple iPad, PC industry giants have finally started to expand the “counterattack.” Tablet PC‘s “Hundred Flowers”, may soon trigger a price war. 

Sources yesterday on the “First Financial Daily” said Acer android Tablet PC with China’s market to promote new growth. “The afternoon of 15 will be released in Beijing.” The source said. 

JT Wang, Acer’s chairman and CEO, a few days ago set the tone for this strategy: 7 May, he presided over in Lake Lugano, Switzerland in a note to investors, on the topic specifically as “Towards a mobile terminal Leaders of the Road “and stressed that if the Tablet PC shipments this year goes well, will be able to recover behind schedule. 

This is known as “King of artillery,” the PC leader stressed that Acer would not deliberately impulse, will focus on the value of tablet PCs, and will increase R & D investment. External rendering seem to be afraid of Apple, last week, Acer announced that specially in the United States took the lead, will be launched this month, 24 cellular Tablet PC, Apple iPad 2 cheaper than the low $ 50 minimum configuration version. 

Lenovo has not bet all of the resources in the open source operating system, and yesterday it announced this year in June, the new Tablet PC will be available worldwide, in addition to Android version of the Microsoft Windows version will be released, and, also with the naming Music Pad differ. 

“We will also introduce for enterprise users of tablet computers, integrated business features Thinkpad advantage.” Yesterday afternoon, Chen Danqing Lenovo spokesman told this newspaper that it is only the beginning, Lenovo’s mobile Internet product strategy planning than these to much richer. 

The advantage may lie in temporary factory prices of flat products to push their new Apple iPad 2 basic than the lower price. 

The PC giant trailing Apple’s big push Tablet PC, even with short term price advantage, but in terms of core competencies, and perhaps find it difficult ahead of the competition.Although selling Apple hardware terminal, but its core competence lies in the back of the online services platform. As of now, Lenovo is in addition to rapid adoption of its “App Store”, the other PC companies have not yet matured plan. The number of software downloads Apple APP Store has already more than 100 million times. 

Analysts believe that as soon as possible if you can not build an application model, these swarms of tablet PCs, next year may fall into a price war. “It’s like the market of netbook in 2009.”

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