The war room within…

Day in and day out; you, me or else living upon this planet experience a war room within. A war room that experiences four major generals conflicting amidst each other… it recalls me of a Hollywood movie where at deep seas there arises a grave conflict amidst the head of the nuclear submarine and his second in command. The conflict arise out of interpretation of an inconclusive wire communiqué received from the highest authority about releasing a nuclear missile… the head of the boat interprets it as a direct order to attack whereas the junior interprets it as a last step; just short of the final attack. As it is exhibited in that movie the conflict arisen out of interpretation not only subjects most the world towards an unforeseen danger  but also towards an almost ‘mutiny’ within the deep sea.

And as the movie proceeds… The temperature within the boat sailing in the deep seas heightens to extents where guns are out to exercise might of warring parties. The rest of the world is unaware about the destiny it might become projected with, through a trigger initiating from the boat in deep seas… and as we all saw in that movie that ultimately wisdom prevails and no attack is made from that boat.

That movie is a show… yes indeed it is a show; approximating the possible realism… but to me, more than anything else those occurrences within the boat at deep seas resemble with the agitation most of us experience within our brain each day. Entirely unknown to the world outside within the same single skull there is a war of interpretation where it is more than two that act warring to each other. These four at times connive to become factions, at certain occasions they become one and conspirate and in some situations they create a heightened confusion within their basic subject i.e. you, me or else… so much so that venom of dichotomy and indecisiveness rids the seat of understanding.

Who are these four generals at command with the same boat (our brain)… whose actual work play is concealed from the world outside and yet they direct impact ones imagery through its conclusion towards the outside world. The great ancient Indian seers had traced these four during their prolonged research conducted within their own self. Through their ancient wisdom they professed these four are embroiled within our awareness to such limits that it is not easy at all for any commoner to distinguish and discriminate between each one of them and exercise its command and control over them in order to regulate their rioting acts and install harmony.

According to them these four are namely; The mind, the intellect, the chitta (the one responsible for storage of all information’s) and the Ego. Each one of them is a mighty power and responsible to serve the basic pursuit of the soul through their dispensation of prescribed nomenclature. Instead they become coloured and keep trying to further their narrow traits that turn this life actually intended for harmonious affluence towards a conflict and confusion.

The mind was placed in service to soul to raise drives that could serve the pursuit towards harmony… any pursuit needs an element of drive that enables it scale great heights. The intellect was installed with a responsibility to act for and on behalf of this soul to act through its ability of discernment and distinguish between different facts/options. The chitta was appointed in service of its master (the soul) to render all kind of logistics for the furtherance of its master’s core pursuit. The Ego; the tallest and strongest one was almost enjoined with its master to ensure the presence of master at all times to all including other generals within and the world outside.

But in actual the act of these four illustrious and mightiest ones inclined themselves towards subjects borne with gravity of the delusion where animalistic instincts suppress and supersede the ‘far sighted wisdom’… life after another the soul travels seeking desperately to cherish its objective of progress through harmonious means but has to face repetition of the same curriculum from the system of the ‘Nature’.

The soul like the President of any nation has to act through its various executives and unlike the President or government the soul cannot replace its malefic executives. It has to live through their conduct; it can scream, shout, guide but still the final execution has to happen through its generals referred above. We all experience it the same way; the forces of nature act the same for all… yes those who become enlightened ones are those that have accomplished towards perfection and the others are struggling to make their way ahead.

Close your eyes, this evening and go down with your self and as explained above about the nature of each respective component (termed as generals above) existing within our embroiled awareness… try and experience their separate identity through their respective traits. Its like milk my dear friend; apparently it is one white fluid but when one shall churn it separate elements within should surface… not only that… when the same milk is observed through the eye of a chemical laboratory then the story of its ingredients further informs a number of compatriots within the same single white coloured fluid. Go on and have that same observation within and there i.e. within one’s own self the chemical laboratory is ones probing intention that shall discern to distinguish amidst various four elements mentioned above. The more one probes the self the more one understands about the self… who am I, what am I, and apart one also gathers the ability to produce necessary changes within in order to cherish the basic objective for any life; ‘progress of soul through harmonious means’. dinesh kumar. (learning under discipline)

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