May 11, China National Hardware Association zipper Chapter meeting held in Fuzhou, vice president, “revise the national standard zipper industry,” the issue has again become the focus of discussion.

In 2001, the zipper industry, introduction of national standards. Decades, China’s zipper industry has evolved, but the national standard remains the same. Low standards during the crisis exposed shortcomings. Therefore, the post-crisis era, to revise the standard to become the primary task of zipper industry, and has been subjected to the pain of the Fujian standard zipper industry or will become a pioneer.

Embarrassment: Standard connivance price war

This is not the first time to discuss standards issues zipper industry. As early as last September at the annual meeting zipper chapter, the “zipper urgent need to revise the national standard,” the voice had sounded. At that time, the zipper industry is in a price war in the hot water. Among them, Fujian zipper industry price war has frequently looked up.

In last year’s financial crisis, Fujian Zip products industry overall average prices and profits decline, especially nylon zippers and other mass products, profit margins almost zero. According to Zipper Chamber of Commerce in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Zipper Co., Ltd. Chairman Chen construction observation of the occasion in September last year, Fujian zipper once even lower than the overall price of Wenzhou. Prior to this, Wenzhou industrial grade zippers and prices are lower than that of Fujian, Fujian Zip visible fierce industry price war.

According to a zipper company in Quanzhou Leader Mr CHOI description, price wars, many companies and even lower production requirements. Mr. Cai gave an example, originally a product of tension generally do 35N, but in order to reduce costs, companies are using the standard down to 20N, 15N, is only slightly higher than the national standard.

“We believe that this one, the standard is too low is a big incentive. As the standards are not up to date amendments, not to keep up with the pace of development of the industry, which makes the company had chances, take advantage of. Thus, the Fujian zipper industry quality dropped dramatically, as if back in a few years ago, the development of the industry back into a vicious cycle. “zipper with the Association of Fujian Province Director of the Secretariat, and Mr. Cai Yang Zhou instrument such as entrepreneurs in both think so.

Recommendation: equipment and personnel should be included in the new standard

Recalling the painful experience, the zipper branch revised standards issues quickly put on the agenda. And this responsibility falls to the zipper of Fujian Xun Xing Technology Co., Ltd., led by leading industry body.

Last year in October, by the National Standards Committee for approval, Xun Hing allowed to build the National Standardization Technical Committee zipper (the “Standard Committee”). Subsequently, the standard committee began a nationwide collection Technical Committee members. “Fujian reported four companies: Xun Xing, Fusing, Xinyu, group Hing, are the industry’s old school power, but also from Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong’s famous zipper business, testing organizations, research institutions and other aspects representatives. “Xun Xing Ren Yupei zipper Vice President’s Office introduced last year, the preparatory work has already basically completed.

However, all coordination and approval procedures and other reasons, the current standard work of the Committee no further progress. While waiting, Fujian Zipper Industry Association also held a membership meeting to discuss our standard modifications.

“We all think that, in addition to product standards, should be the technology and equipment standards are also included in the new standard. This decade, the rapid development of China’s zipper industry, machinery replacement, makes the production process has been greatly improved, which is to ensure zipper industry the key factor. In addition, technical personnel, lack of professional skills zipper industry professionals, skilled workers if the assessment on the zipper to give an industry standard, which will be able to drive the entire industry. “Zhou Miriam Yeung concluded.

Yiwu, China Zip introduced the industry’s first local standards

August 2009, the National zipper industry’s first local standards??? Yiwu City Zipper Industry Alliance standards through validation, and publishing enterprises in Yiwu zipper and implementation. Branch of the National Hardware Association zipper experts believe that standards Yiwu Zipper Union countries were the original three standard integration, easier to use, the standard layout more reasonable.

According to reports, Yiwu City, Zip Union adopted the German DIN standard zipper comprehensive standards, BS standards and other countries and regions zipper zipper standards and requirements of the advanced indicators, environmental protection, ecological and safety standards as the focus will be more common in Europe environmental protection, ecological certification standards into the standards.

Yiwu City Zipper Industry Association, announced that the head of the new standards established in Yiwu Zipper Union, the zipper size of the more obscure issues have been resolved, the new standards also have established a complete database. This will help companies effectively deal with zipper, Yiwu Trade Barriers in Europe and the United States to enhance the international market, Yiwu Zipper competitiveness and market share.

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