WAR: Deafening sounds that shatter eardrums, the bitter taste of sulfur, and the shock of metal as it obliterates bodies. Homes, families, and all hope is destroyed.

On September 11, 2001, Islamic Suicide Missionaries rained havoc on our North American shores. Twelve young Islamic terrorists flew suicide planes into the Pentagon, the Twin Towers in New York, as well as commandeered a commercial plane headed for San Francisco. The plane crashed and burned, killing everyone on board. In total, the number of lives lost on that ill-fated day numbered approximately three thousand.

Washington immediately responded with a national address by President, George W. Bush, who informed US citizens that the name of our enemy was Osama bin Laden, the Taliban Leader from Afghanistan. Congressmen, State Representatives, State Governors, and even movie stars joined the cause, urging our countrymen to donate money to the surviving families of the dead. Bush declared war on terrorist. Dedicated men and women left their families to join the fight in defending our nation.

The media frenzy equaled that of the O J Simpson trial. Hour after hour, every major television channel repeated the atrocities until the American public became hysterical with fright. Television and radio personalities joined in on the crusade, urging the public to respond by flying the American flag, not only in their front yard, but also on their cars as a show of unity. Flag sales soared as well as bumper stickers, screaming united we stand in red, white, and blue. Within days of the bombing, anthrax, a deadly biochemical substance was unleashed upon the unsuspecting public. Three people died, and thousands were tested for exposure to the dreaded powder. Within a month, the bombing of Afghanistan had begun as in the 1980’s. A few weeks later Bush invaded Iraq killing thousands of civilians. The excuse was a fabricated story stating that Iraq was responsible for 9-11, plus they were developing nuclear bombs. By twisting the truth, George W Bush and Dick Cheney invaded one of the three countries in the Middle East that has the ability to produce enough oil to satisfy the demands of the United States until the year 2020.

Since George Bush took office the United States has become the most hated Country in the world, not only for the Iraq war, and his failed policies at home, but because of the inhumane treatment of people he deems as adversaries. To date, the US is ranked with two other countries, China, and Russia for crimes against humanity. The distasteful truth is worth repeating. America is at war with Iraq, not to retaliate against the atrocity of 9-11, but to control oil in the Middle East and the power it bestows. Americans claim Middle Easterners hate us. Is it any wonder? The American Government has been trying to control Middle Eastern oil since World War 11. The US Government has tried to seduce them, intimidate them, threaten them, and when nothing else worked Bush started a war.

To date, May 14, 2008 four thousand and seventy nine American soldiers have been killed, and thirty thousand and four have been seriously wounded. Although no one talks about it, over one and a half million Iraqi citizens have been slaughtered, and two million have been displaced. Unfortunately, the worse is yet to come. Now, there are quiet whispers that the Bush Administration has a plan to invade Iran. The question is why? The answer is the same as it was with Iraq, the threat of nuclear bombs. But, how do we know for sure since he refuses any communication with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

It is a known fact that a well-trained, renegade religious group called the Taliban is out to destroy North America. However, strange as it may seem, it was the United States that supplied arms and ammunition as well as trained the Taliban to fight. Not to be redundant, but this war is about oil, and controlling nuclear power. If Iran cannot produce nuclear bombs, the United States has the power to dominate the Middle East. And, if George Bush can control the oil coming out of Iran, he will obtain the positive legacy he so desperately desires. What a scary thought. Does this not reek of the Hitler Regime in the 1930’s and 1940’s?

Imagine if you can, the United States has a product that is desperately needed in every country around the world. One day China decides rather than diplomatically proposing a deal that will benefit both countries; they will simply take our product and control our country. Suddenly, America is invaded by thousands of Chinese soldiers and the bombings begin. Cities from New York to Los Angeles are destroyed. There is a shortage of housing, food, water, and citizens are being slaughtered everyday. How would you feel?

This country began with the constitution in 1789, making the current republic 216 years old. Compared to other countries in the world, we are still in our infancy and it shows. The time has come for us to grow up, and realize that war is not the answer to our differences. War is barbaric, and no one ever wins. However, the Bush administration has made it perfectly clear that bullying tactics and war is the way to settle US differences. It is unconscioable to believe that Americans become parents to forfeit their children for the greed of their government. Somewhere along the way politicians have forgotten that we, as Americans, hired them to work for us, and we can fire them just as easily.

The time has come for real change. Do not be fooled into thinking that Senator McCain will be any different from the present administration or that Hillary Clinton will stray far from the corporate gridlock, it is not going to happen. Hope for the future lies with a young black man named Barack Obama, who will live up to his promise of change. America desperately needs a person who is intelligent enough to debate our adversaries rather than bomb them. We do not need another four years of an elderly man tied to the Bush administration. Wake up America. This country is in disarray. Gas prices rise daily as well as the price of food. The housing market is a bust, and millions of people are losing their homes. Imagine, if America possessed the revenue that has been spent on the Iraq war, none of this would have occurred. If the upcoming election does not change the course of this country, our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren will suffer the consequences.