A meeting of minds in Cairo: Billion-dollar arms deal on table as Putin and
Vladimir Putin arrived in Egypt last night for talks with his Egyptian opposite number on new roubles-only trade deals, the sale of billions of dollars' worth of guns and tanks, and quite probably a new “anti-terrorist” alliance of the kind Russia …
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French girls switched at birth to get €400000 payouts
Two 20-year-old women accidentally switched at birth and given to the wrong parents will receive €400,000 each from a private clinic in Cannes following a ruling yesterday. The court order was part of a €1.88m payment to members of the two families.
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Dominique Strauss-Kahn 'had forced anal sex with second prostitute in hotel
How Syria lost its humanity: Why has the civil war been marked out by almost… Three years ago, when President Bashar al-Assad's position … Sudanese army blamed for multiple attacks on women. Over 200 women and girls in Darfur were raped over three.
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Washington County man delivers food to war zone
These and other interviews appeared in Totten's book, “A Documentary and Oral History of the Darfur Genocide.” December 2010-January 2011: Continued to conduct interviews with IDPs from Darfur in the Nuba Mountains IDP camp. Began conducting …
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