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At the end, of the Rwandan genocide, the world was in unison is saying NEVER AGAIN. But, hardly a decade later, another genocide is taking place in the name of the Darfur war. This war is another reminder that Nation states never live to the true meaning of their words. Since the advent of the Darfur war in 2003, it is widely known that Genocide is taking place in Darfur, but the world super power have opted to play lip-service to this catastrophe. Darfur is a vast region about the size of France it inhabited by approximately 6 million people from over 100 tribes. Majority of the inhabitants are Muslims. The bone of contention is the perceived favoring of the Arabic population by the central government headed by Omar- El bashir.

Darfur Woman ChildThe Elbashir government is a big player in the Darfur war. It is well documented that the Janjaweed militias aka “devils on horsebacks” enjoy the support of the Sudanese government.  Crimes committed by the Janjaweed have been classified as crimes against humanity, as well as falling within the definition of the term Genocide. Some of the crimes include rape, displacement, threatening, stealing, and mass murder. These inhuman acts have made the Darfur war a living hell especially to women and children who never take arms to fight or defend themselves.

According to the U.N estimates approximately 200,000 to 300,000 people have died since the war started. In addition, the conflict has displaced over 4.7 million people out of the total population of 6 million. With these statistics, it is true to say that the people of Darfur future is bleak if no urgent action is taken to ease on the appalling situation.

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United Nations and the African Union

Although, peace keeping have sent to prevent further shedding of blood in the Darfur conflict by the United Nations and the African Union, this is NOT enough. The perpetrators of the Darfur war need to face the full force of the international law. The commanders who engineered the Darfur war are still sitting pretty, while the victims shed tears, and bloods with each passing day. Justice is the best deterrent for future wars. The Nuremburg trial after the Second World War is a perfect case in point of justice acting as a deterrent for future wars. The Darfur war perpetrators should be no exception of a legal system.