Fighting the Summer War
Are you worrying about your skin in summer? Are you boring for how to protect your skin in summer? What do you prepare for fighting this summer war?
Let me tell you something to fight this war:
1. Choosing the Right Sun Cream.
It depends on personal skin condition and the surrounding that you in. Normally, it is suitable for people to choose the SPF between 8-12 and two “+”. But people who are sensitive to the sunlight, the SPF should be between 12-20 and three “+”. People who have outdoor activities have to choose SPF30 and three “+”. Otherwise, it various from person to person when choosing the sun cream. Because everyone’s resistibility to the sunlight is different. The whiter skin you have, the more sensitive to the sun you are. Conversely, the darker skin you are, the stronger resistibility to the sunlight you have. So white skin should choose cream that the SPF between 15-30 and the dark skin should choose the SPF about 15.
2. How to Use Sun Cream
Usually, sun cream can resist the UVB after using it for about half hour. So, it’s best to use it ahead of half hour before going out.
The protection of sun cream is not only depending on the ingredient and the SPF of the cream, but also the dosage you use. To people who work indoor, using it every 4-5 hours, people who work outdoor, using it every 2-3 hours. It especially pay attention to those who work near or in the water, it should be use every 1-2 hours, because it is not only suffer the UVB in the air but also the reflex from the water.
Sweating or wiping with towel or tissue can reduce the efficacy of the cream. To use it cream repeatedly is to constant the efficacy of it. Any cosmetic even the water, once covering the cream, it must be affect the efficacy. Thus, after swimming or sweating, you have to re-use the cream.
3. Using Sun Cream after Make-Up
Most cosmetic is soluble. If it covers the cream, it will dissolve the ingredient of the cream. Conversely, using it after make up, the cream can be absorbed by the skin.
4. Avoiding Going Out in Midnoon.
The UVB index in midnoon is the highest in a day. So, it better to go out avoiding the midnoon.
5. Necessities
Sunscreen, facial spray, sun glasses, hat, umbrella, water is the most important necessities in summer.
With all above, are you readyin this summer?

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