The Peaceful War

There is a constant war inside  ourselves to have peace and success in life.

The war is the most peaceful war in the world ..

This war brings us lot of glory,gives us strength and courage and manufactures our mind and brain.

We work more perfectly and contribute more to ourselves and to our organisation.


In this peaceful war many valuable weapons are utilised and we manufacture them.

Some weapons are exported from across the globe so as to win the war with out much difficulty.

These weapons are costly,but given by others with love and affection.

We live in a loving world and others give their weapons so as to enable us to conquer our war.


Since our childhood we are well conversant with this war.

We depend upon the weapons of our parents,teachers,well wishers and friends.

When we mature in life we become able to manufacture our own weapons .

With those weapons we fight the war and conquer bringing glory to our family and society.


We should know the nature of war and calculate the duration.

We should know the enemies and know their hiding places.

These enemies are the obstacles on the path of our progress.

Once we know and understand the enemies, winning the war becomes easier for us.


We should not depend too much on others to win our war.

We should have the capacity to manufacture our own weapons after studying the strengths and weaknesses of the enemies.

We should know the enemies’ time and their movements so that we can easily get hold of them.

We should have enough courage and confidence so that enemies will surrender to us and become our friends.


Once the enemies become our friends we can utilise them to achive our peace and happiness.

We are meant to do great works and overcome lot of hurdles.

We should not fear the enemies rather with a smile on the face face the enemies and defeat them.

We should have constancy of purpose so that enemies will not get scope to conquer us.


Our enemies are  cleverer  than us,so we should be vigilant all the time.

They try to enter within when we are in a sad mood so that they can win over us.

So we should always be cheerful amidst the trials and tribulations of life.

We should not give our enemies to judge us and there by get a hold of our strength.


In this peaceful war we are the heros and we will win.

We will achive our goals making our life peaceful and beautiful.

Enemies will become our friends if we remove the feeling of fear from our minds.

We will achive a greater  power and reach our goals and serve perfectly to ourselves,organisation,family and society.