The journal Science, recently published the research conducted by the scientists and the experts on the oil spill of the BP, the report showed a vivid picture about the disaster that took place in the Gulf of Mexico, and it also declared that around 185 million gallons of the crude oil was present in the Gulf of Mexico during the time of the devastation. A couple of scientists were deployed to discover the flow of the turbulent billows in the water with the help of submerged cameras, which produces a high resolution output and it will be converted to images and with the help of these evidence the scientists performed their examination and they published the real facts.

The news revealed aroused suspect between the people of the United States since previously, BP released a report saying that there was 42,000 gallons of leakage per week and then they increase to 210,000 gallons per day. Then the oil rig in the Deepwater Horizon was put 11 men to death during the April and the efforts made towards the oil well went in vain, so the BP oil spill is considered as the most regrettable disaster that took place in the history of the United States.

The General Mills, one of the emerging food making firm in the United States declared that the company will not support the incriminated companies which destroy the rain forest for the producing the palm oil. Jerry Lynch, the Chief Officer of the General Mills declared the there is huge increase in demand for the palm oil and this demand is enhancing the pressure on the rainforest environment , this rainforest environment is considered as the most precious one all over the world. Most of the multinational companies which are engaged in the palm oil extraction is moving backwards since the extraction of Palm oil destroys the forest resources and the habitat of the wild life is affected to great extent.

The Ghana Oil Company provides more opportunities for the investors and it is considered as the trustworthy investment terminus by most of the industrial analysts. The analyst declared that the Ghana Oil Company has some contestation in the recent times, but most veteran analyst studied and declared that around $ 200,000 to $ 500,000 amount is invested by the Ghana Oil Company for rebranding its image in the global market. There are many baffling ills in the Oil and gas sector it includes the disputation which took place among the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation and Kosmos Energy, where Kosmos Energy is one of the well renowned firm which decided to sell some asset to the ExxonMobil without considering with Ghana National Petroleum Corporation.

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