It does not comes as a surprise the comments made by Russian Strategic Missile Forces Commander Col. Gen. Nikolai Solovtsov. The comments came in response to the American Plans to deploy U.S Missiles in Poland and Checz republic. This looks like a resumption of Cold War antics by the two countries. The comments of Russian Strategic Missile Forces Commander Col. Gen. Nikolai Solovtsov is given below:

MOSCOW: Russia may target its missiles against Poland and the Czech republic if the U.S. sets up its missile defense shield planned in the two East European countries.

“If the Polish and Czech governments approve the decision [to deploy U.S. anti-missiles] our strategic missile forces will be able to target those missile sites,” said Russian Strategic Missile Forces Commander Col. Gen. Nikolai Solovtsov said.

The commander told a press conference on Monday that Russia could quickly resume production of medium range missiles if Moscow decided to walk out of a Soviet-era treaty with the U.S. banning their deployment.

Russian General Staff Chief Col. Gen. Yuri Balyevsky said at the weekend that Moscow would pull out of the treaty is the U.S. went ahead with the deployment of missile defences in Europe.

“Asymmetric response”

The Russian missile forces chief also said Russia would build “missiles with an alterable hypersonic movement vector” in the near future as part of an “asymmetric response” to the stationing of U.S. anti-missile systems in Europe.

He said Russia was engaged in talks with the U.S. to prevent the construction of an American missile shield close to Russian borders.

The Polish and Czech Prime Ministers have supported the deployment of U.S. missiles, while German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier urged caution and consultations with Russia.

Russia has rejected U.S. assurances that the missiles were needed to protect Europe from Iranian and North Korean missiles, and said their deployment would threaten Russian security.

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Source : Russia May Target Checz and Poland

The argument made by US does not have much merit as North Korea or Iran don’t have missiles that will reach US. So have to admit that the entire exercise is being done to nullify the hold of Russia in the territory. Russia with a very fast developing economy, thanks to a very high oil price(Again they have to thank US for IRAQ war for this) is getting back to something of a cold war stature. The entire crisis is happening from the US’s refusal to work with a stronger Russia. Everyone might ask what’s there in this for Poland and Checz Republic, the reward might be a bigger pay package from US and a foothold against the Old Europe. During the build up to Iraq war we have seen the differences arising between old Europe and new Europe. Its been very unfortunate that two nations that was devastated by 2nd world war supporting war for the material benefits from US, rather than as a matter of policy. For the US, its a double kill strategy- through which US can give strong signals to Russia and Old Europe(especially with their opposition to the IRAQ war).

But if the warning from Russian commander is somewhat true, then Poland and Checz Republic should understand against a Russian onslaught they have no choice. But this is just a warning not a plan of actions. Its pretty clear US will go ahead with Missile deployment in Poland and Checz Republic. Russians in the future may resume the production of medium range missiles. With Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez going to be there for sometime, Russian’s can even think about a deployment of nuclear missiles in Venezuela. We might see a start of Missile crisis of Cuban way all over the world. Amidst all this the world will be a very interesting place to live, provided the world still remains.

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