New tasks

For example, you will be the Stonetalon Mountains, which offered so far with a few quests and long walkways little incentive hardly recognize, and should as Horde players like a mini-nuclear bomb for the next night elf settlement toss what the overzealous commanders still be fatal, not to mention the fact that the Stonetalon Peak of tentacles from the ground attack will. In Badlands you experience three completely different and “came the day when death rocker” exaggerated perceptions using the phasing technology.

The gnomes have (finally) start their own territory and they must now also become a priest.
the different levels of one and the same area allows opponents with new or changed circumstances – such as the Death Knight starting area or in Icecrown. Also, you can own in a quest quest giver NPCs play that encourage typical comments you smile or you are helping Horatio Laine in his criminal investigation in Westfall (videos). Worth mentioning also, the “Plants vs. Zombies” Quest-adaptation as a play in the game. I would not reveal more at this point .

Generally speaking, sequence and coordination of the quests are in the revised areas have improved. Quality, variety (vehicles) and consumer level have improved and are on the level of Northrend tasks, if not even higher. Of course, apart from the above-mentioned first-class quests again and again standard tasks that are nothing less than exciting slaughter, collection or FedEx missions. But this quest-normality is broken again and again with special tasks, nice stories and in-game cutscenes. Overall, the Quest design is streamlined and stringent, since it usually from one to the other Questhub sent and will wait in all regions have their own stories.

Delightful for “old players”?

The revision of the old areas is due mainly new characters or players or person who loves to explore the best and that’s what Blizzard has also created, as we The Horde “Tarren Mill and Southshore increased destroyed completely. Confirmed Game-Director Tom Chilton in an interview. He stressed that the review inter alia has caused the Commission to appeal to new players who may by the outdated quest design, boring tasks, long walkways, have been little interaction / life and the “old technology” quenched. Furthermore, Blizzard has learned about what works and what quests are tasks left to be left. These findings have also been incorporated in Cataclysm and therefore to the renovated world bring new players in the world that have been put off by the five-year old content. And in addition to the introduction of the Worgen (Alliance) and the Goblins (Horde) as a new playable races to the current subscribers are encouraged to lead the “new world” to heart.

The Worgen start in the dark misty Gilneas and have to deal with a strange werewolf curse. The mood in the launch area is relatively dark and oppressive, as in an ancient werewolf horror movie before you will dismiss with stage 12 in the revised “world”. Quite the contrary, it looks at the Goblins, in which there are more explosions than the gnomes – oh yes – and the quests take not seriously, because her in a “Hotrod” on highways through the starting area heats, dubious business closes, in a bank einbrecht or a party. By the emergence of Deathwing breaks but the volcano on the island start Kezan and escape the goblins and need to be shipwrecked … In addition to all revised areas and the new starting areas, there are also new areas for high level players with wow powerleveling, in which you can move up from level 80 up to 85.

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