Every country has its own stories to tell. If you are to visit Sabah, one of the best places to know more about its stories is the Kundasang War Memorial. Sabah is one state that had been going through a lot of hardships in dealing with the foreign invasions, and these hardships had left marks in different places around Sabah which are important remembrance for the local people and another way for foreign tourists to experience and explore more of the historical stories of Sabah. The war memorial is one way to tell the story of Kundasang in Sabah.

Upon setting foot in the Kundasang War Memorial, you will be exposed to all kinds of historical stories; some of them are unknown tales never been exposed to the outside world. The war in Kundasang had cost huge consequences for the local people, and the stories to be told to you mean a lot to them to the extent that they would even build this memorial to ensure that they always remember what had happened in the past to learn more from it. The memorial is also an important for the local people to remember their brave and loyal warriors from the past that had fought the war and sacrificed for their country. You can learn more about the stories and backgrounds of these warriors from the memorial.

Besides, you would also find yourself being exposed to different parts of the memorial upon stepping into the place. In the Kundasang War Memorial, there are four different gardens which you can explore. The gardens are constructed and designed to represent the different nationalities. For instance, the Australian Garden will expose you to the culture of the Australian; the English Garden; the Borneo Garden; and last but not least, the Contemplation Garden and Pool. Once you enter these gardens, you instantly feel as if you are setting foot in the British gardens, with blooming roses beaming at you and the different walks in the garden you always see in movies. This suggests that the gardens can be the ideal place for you to take pictures with your love ones as remembrance for the future.

Apart from that, you will find a lot of documents and descriptions in the Kundasang War Memorial which you can read from to help you understand more of the historical stories in Kundasang. However, if you are not too fond of reading, you can also enjoy the short videos produced by the local people to help you enrich your knowledge on the stories in Kundasang as well.

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