Darfur is an independent sultanate region in Sudan. It has been put in the center of international attention due to the Darfur conflict which was prompted by African Movements who has raised arms against the Sudanese government for oppressively favoring Arab groups.

Darfur War

African movements believe that the Sudanese government favor the Arab groups by giving them a better share of their scarce natural resources, heavier control of these resources, more administrative positions and other governmental positions.

The Darfur Conflict is an ongoing guerrilla conflict or civil war centered on the Darfur region of Sudan. It began in February 2003 when the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army (SLM/A) and Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) groups in Darfur took up arms, accusing the Sudanese government of oppressing black Africans in favor of Arabs. One side of the conflict is composed mainly of the official Sudanese military and police, and the Janjaweed, a Sudanese militia group recruited mostly from the Afro-Arab Abbala tribes of the northern Rizeigat region in Sudan; these tribes are mainly camel-herding nomads. The other combatants are made up of rebel groups, notably the SLM/A and the JEM, recruited primarily from the non-Arab Muslim Fur, Zaghawa, and Masalit  ethnic groups. Although the Sudanese government publicly denies that it supports the Janjaweed, it has been accused of providing financial assistance to the militia and of participating in joint attacks targeting civilians

Darfur War

This has lead to various attacks on the government, either by force or by commentaries by these movements. The rebel groups attacked government targets because the region was being neglected by Khartoum. These movements has prompted the Sudanese government to be on the offensive by employing the help of the Arab militia group Janjaweed.

Apart from the two major rebel groups, there are more than a dozen other rebel groups which makes for peace talks extremely difficult for the United Nations and other intervening parties.

To date, there are ten war crimes charged against the president of Sudan, Omar Al-Bashir, by the International Criminal Court. There had been allegations of genocide and other heinous crimes defined by international laws against the Sudanese government and against Al-Bashir.